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Article Are you a reseller of web hosting services or the real deal?
Pepperjack is NOT a reseller! We manage our own dedicated connectivity, our own machines, our...
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Article Can I add more disk space to my account?
Yes. You may add additional disk space to your account by emailing with...
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Article Can I transfer existing domain names to Pepperjack?
Absolutely. To transfer an existing domain name just use the transfer option when placing...
Views: 1989
Article Do you accept payment other than Credit Cards?
We accept Money Orders, Checks, Paypal (, and e-checks. We will contact...
Views: 1942
Article Do you have a form builder, or forms generator?
Yes, we have a form builder available for free in our script installer in your control panel....
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Article Do you support SSI (Server Side Includes)?
Yes, we support standard Server Side Includes (SSI) on your webpages.
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Article Do you support WebDAV?
Currently, we do not support WebDAV. Supporting it would create some security issues with our...
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Article Does Pepperjack allow pornographic or adult sites?
We do not allow: Pornographic sites - Pornography is defined by Pepperjack to be sexually...
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Article How long will it take to get my new site online?
We can have your site online the same day you submit your order. Your account will be setup...
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Article If you register my domain, who owns it?
When we register a domain, we register it on your behalf. You will be the owner.
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Article Terms of Service
In a nutshell: - No Spamming (unsolicited bulk email) allowed - No material that provides...
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Article What are Front Page Extensions?
FP Extensions are special files that can be installed on a web server for users of...
Views: 2027
Article What are Password Protect Directories?
Want to limit access to certain directories/sections of your web site? With this feature you...
Views: 1990
Article What are Referrer Logs?
This is an extended logging feature that documents where each visitor to your Site came from....
Views: 2061
Article What are your Network capabilities?
You are hosted on our fiber optic network, which connects to the Internet through 1 OC3 and 3...
Views: 1962
Article What if I exceed my monthly transfer allowance?
You will be notified by email ahead of time allowing you enough time to choose from our numerous...
Views: 2032
Article What is a Customizable Missing Docs Page?
By placing a file in your main directory called missing.html, you will be able to provide a...
Views: 1973
Article What is a Mailing List?
A mailing list allows a discussion by email between a group of people; the email addresses of...
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Article What is a Secure Shell?
This is a secure method of accessing your Shell Account. To use this feature you will need...
Views: 2152
Article What is an email alias?
An email "alias" is a pseudo email account, where all email sent to the alias gets...
Views: 1993
Article What is Analog Web Log Analyzer?
Analog Web Log Analyzer is a fast web server log file analysis program. It produces highly...
Views: 2097
Article What is Bandwidth?
A measurement (in megabytes) of the amount of data passed through your site. This includes...
Views: 1967
Article What is File Manager?
File Manager is a web based control panel which allows you to easily navigate and administrate...
Views: 2079
Article What is FTP?
FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a simple method of uploading files from your computer to the...
Views: 2056
Article What is MySQL?
MySQL, the most popular Open Source SQL database, is provided by MySQL AB. MySQL AB is a...
Views: 2009
Article What is Server Side Includes?
SSI or Server Side Includes allows the Server to parse special page commands. For example if...
Views: 2043
Article What is Telnet/SSH?
Telnet and SSH is a program that enables you to log into a remote host/terminal Securely (E.g.:...
Views: 2000
Article What is True Domain?
When your account is set up, it will be only in your domain name. For example; if your domain...
Views: 2232
Article What kind of support will you provide for my hosting service?
We will support our servers and our hosting plans, but we don't provide support for 3rd...
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Article What Operating System and Server Software is being used?
All our systems run a customized version of RedHat, using the powerful Apache Web Server and...
Views: 1866
Article What type of hardware are you using?
For maximum reliability all our servers are custom-built using the best components currently...
Views: 1843
Article What type of support do you offer?
We offer 24/7 technical support. To create a support ticket log in to the customer center at...
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Article Will I have unlimited access to my site for updates?
Yes. You have unlimited access via FTP 24 hours a day 365 days a year. As such, you can create...
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