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Article How do I create a default (catchall) email account?
In order to create a default email address so that all undirected mail sent to your domain name...
Views: 2030
Article How do I create an autoresponder?
To create an autoresponder for one of your email accounts, please follow these steps: 1) In...
Views: 2088
Article How do I redirect (forward) emails?
To redirect your email to another account please follow these steps: 1) In control panel go...
Views: 2053
Article I can receive email but not send
If your having problems sending email through your domain its generally for one of the following...
Views: 2159
Article I can send emails but not receive.
The most likely cause for this is you are out of disk space. Try deleting unneeded files or...
Views: 2171
Article What is a POP email account or POP server?
POP stands for Post Office Protocol. The "POP server" is the name of the server...
Views: 2036
Article What is a SMTP email account or SMTP server?
SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol The "SMTP server" is the name of the...
Views: 2054
Article What is an email responder?
Whether you are responding to the same type of email on a daily basis or you would just like to...
Views: 2069
Article What mail settings should I use?
A POP email client is a piece of software written to check an email account on servers such...
Views: 2119

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