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I can receive email but not send

If your having problems sending email through your domain its generally for one of the following reasons.

1) Your ISP blocks port 25, this means you dont have access to outside SMTP servers and must use the SMTP server of your isp.
2) We authenticate email using SMTP password authentication, this will require you activate SMTP authentication.

Depending on your email program this may be on by default such as it is in many versions of eudora or you may need to check a box to activate it like you do in outlook and outlook express.In outlook you want to do the following to activate this.

Click on tools then accounts.  Once the properties box comes up click on the server tab.Notice the section on the bottom that comes up regarding "My server requires authentication" Click/chose "My server requires authentication" and hit apply.

The settings do not need to be modified, since the defaults are correct for your domain.

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